Hello Ladies and Gents, we are experimenting yet again, forced into a corner as it were, by the coronavirus lockdown. We prefer to consider ourselves snuggling into a corner, our destinies in hand.

This episode is best described as a genteel offering of book recommendations to tide our readers over during the coronavirus lockdown.

There are five in total. We know some of you are prolific readers and gobble up five in a week or two, so we will endeavour to keep up with our audience’s appetites and bring a couple to you each fortnight.

This episode, we recommend books by Australian and British authors Helen O’Neill, Lauren Chater, Dorothy L. Sayers, Julie Hearn and Madeline Miller.

Kate’s daughter Ella filmed this on her iphone in Kate’s office and then Kate hastily mailed it to me, Sarah, to publish. Three women acting in concert – a powerful literary theme.

We won’t be running giveaways during this period but we expect things will return to normal by year end. In the meantime, we will keep cooking up ideas to keep our viewers entertained.

We hope your lockdown will be peaceful, pleasurable and full of good books and food. Enjoy!