The Juliet Code

Thanks to publisher Penguin Random House and authors Kate Forsyth and S.L. Mills, Word of Mouth TV has two more book packs to give away.

What’s in the box? The first giveaway includes a copy of Christine Wells The Juliet Code and The Traitor’s Girl, Kate Forsyth’s The Beast’s Garden (also set in World War II) and S.L. Mills GOM’s Gold.

The second is for The Juliet Code, The Beast’s Garden and GOM’s Gold.

All you need to do to enter is SUBSCRIBE to our Youtube channel, or our website, then SHARE on social media using the hashtags #WordofMouthTV #ChristineWells and tell the world why Word of Mouth TV is the freshest, hottest cooking and book show ever!

You may enter as many times as you like – the winner will be chosen based on their creativity and originality. The competition closes at midnight AEST on Friday, July 12. Check out our website for terms and conditions (beneath the privacy policy) at Good luck and don’t forget the hashtags!!

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