Claire Absolum

In the hands of the Gods

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Well, there’s never a dull moment at Word of Mouth TV. So much so, that we have turned our eyes heavenward recently, wondering if the Gods are, indeed, toying with us. We had only just finished filming seven amazing dinners with authors, most of the footage of which still needed to be edited, when our producer was offered a job just too good to resist. This was a potential disaster. Not only would our lovely Claire will be leaving us, but who would edit the remaining footage?

How it all began

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Kate and I are the best and oldest of friends. We first met fresh out of university at an industrial psychology test in the most inauspicious of circumstances. We were being pitted against each other for the plum job of journalist at Fairfax Media, the owner of such illustrious mastheads as The Sydney Morning Herald, The Sun Herald and The Age.