Welcome ladies to Word of Mouth TV. We say “ladies” because statistics tell us that the vast majority of bibliophiles are women. Women buy more books than men, attend more book clubs, use libraries more often, write more than men, and attend more creative writing courses than men. Heaps more!

Having said that, we also welcome that rarer bird, the gentleman bibliophile, and expect that the literary banquet we serve this year will feed the souls of both sexes.

And what a banquet 2018 will be. Word of Mouth is the first series to combine food, books and wine. Kate and Sarah will be interviewing top authors from Australia and around the world – some at the author’s homes and some in Kate’s kitchen in Sydney.

The format is simple: We interview an author who has just released a new book each episode. The literary staple is fiction but, given the food theme, we’ve stretched the brief to include the odd celebrity chef and their new cookbooks – but only if we think it’s going to be fun, fun, fun. The author also cooks their favourite recipe, describes their favourite literary food moment, shares their favourite book of all time and the best book they’ve read in the past year – hence the title Word of Mouth.

We’ll be giving out free books, and discounted offers, tickets to events and other great gifts as the year progresses. The website blog will also feature all things booky: news, fun facts, a regular column on great literary food moments, and author Q&As. You’ll be able to access all the recipes and episodes on the website as well as a list of all the books and authors featured on the show.

We can’t wait to share these fantastic experiences with you. Come dine with the authors, at Word of Mouth TV!

For the record, women also cook more and watch more cooking shows than men, but men tend to drink more each sitting than women.