Thanks to Penguin Books and Harper Collins, Word of Mouth TV has a super 70s giveaway to celebrate the season finale with one of Australia’s most talented literary couples, Debra Oswald and Richard Glover.

What’s in the box? A copy of Debra Oswald’s novel The Whole Bright Year and Richard Glover’s journalistic oeuvre The Land Before Avocado. It also includes a copy of Barcelona Cult Recipes by Stephan Mitsch, courtesy of Murdoch Books.

Debra and Richard’s creations will take those of us who remember it on a rollicking romp back in time to Australia in the 1970s – few better times to be.

And for those who were so careless as to be born post-1980, they will take you to a place of wonder that defies belief – a foreign land.

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You may enter as many times as you like – the winner will be chosen based on their creativity and originality. We’ve extended the deadline to midnight AEST on March 12, so that our website subscribers have a chance to enter. Check out our website for terms and conditions (beneath the privacy policy) at Good luck and don’t forget the hashtags!!

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