Sarah’s review

Title: Peach
Authors: Emma Glass

Prepare to be surprised, puzzled and disoriented.

Peach, by young debut author Emma Glass, is a vivid, visceral novella, which, strangely enough holds distant echoes of this week’s Iconic Literary Food Moment: Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistlestop Café.

The book opens in a nightmare.

The protagonist Peach, staggers home after being assaulted, blood trickling down her legs, and the smell of her attacker on her skin. Nothing will ever be the same again. She has changed, but her reality hasn’t. Her assault stalks her waking life: it contaminates her work, home life and romance.

She needs to exorcise her attacker, but how? And will her methods work or prove merely a momentary release.

The book proceeds swiftly to its inexorable, gruesome conclusion.

Food metaphors and symbolism abound, so it seemed a perfect choice to review for Word of Mouth TV. It will be interesting to see how your appetites fare after reading it.