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EPISODE 1: Graeme Simsion and Anne Buist

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Wow! How lucky are we! In our first episode, Graeme Simsion, author of the global bestseller The Rosie Project, and his author wife Anne Buist, discuss their latest novel Two Steps Forward, a rom-com set on the Camino trail in France and Spain. What a setting for food! The protagonists are backpackers on a budget, so the pickings are slim, but there is plenty of food for love!

Straight from the SWF author’s mouth

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There were no shortage of book recommendations flowing from this year's Sydney Writers' Festival (SWF). Authors, festival-goers and volunteers all had wonderful reading moments to share. We couldn't fit them all in one article, so we will spread them over three: SWF Part 1, SWF Part 2 and SWF Volunteers. Richard Fidler, Annabel Crabb and two festival-goers all share their reading and cookbook tips.

SWF – read all about it!

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What a smashing few days we had at the Sydney Writers’ Festival. There was such a banquet of ideas and authors to choose from that we were spoilt for choice. This year, we interviewed Pulitzer Prize winner Jennifer Egan, Stella Prize winner Charlotte Wood, the inimitable Richard Fidler, the amazing Annabel Crabb, Australia’s Sophie Green and Wales’ own Emma Glass.

Annabel Crabb’s delicious pea, mint and feta pasta

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Portrait of a recipe
Word of Mouth TV caught up with Annabel Crabb at the Sydney Writers' Festival and asked her to name her favourite recipe. She volunteered her best go-to recipe - the meal she loves to cook when she's at home alone. This quick and delicious classic prima vera pasta sauce is easy to make and a delight to eat; and it is bound to please your vegetarian guests at dinner parties.

Hemingway’s Bellinis

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Iconic literary food moments
According to legend, the first Bellini was poured in the summer of 1948 by Giuseppe Cipriani, founder and barman of the legendary Harry’s Bar in Venice. Located just off the Grand Canal, the iconic bar was frequented by the likes of Humphrey Bogart, Truman Capote, and Ernest Hemingway. Cipriani's recipe calls to gently stir two parts Prosecco and one part fresh peach pureé, served in a chilled flute.

Hello ladies, it’s been a baptism of fire

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What an amazing journey it’s been. We started with a dream. We wanted to celebrate two things that we really love – cooking and reading. Wouldn’t it be fun, we thought, to cook a meal inspired by a book … and then invite the author of that book over to enjoy our feast and talk about their creative journey and inspirations. We had no money. We had no time. We had no idea. And it's been a blast!

Loving the Sydney Writers Festival!

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Wow! What a fabulous few days we’ve had at the Sydney Writers Festival. The Carriageworks is a great venue – plenty of space, groovy eateries and bars, and wonderful lounges to relax after author sessions. And what a fabulous line-up of authors. It has a great central hub that makes it easy for people to mingle and meet, and watch the authors zooming through to their next appearance.

Kelly Rimmer’s ‘Jolly Good’ recommendations

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Every episode, we have a Sound Bite in which the authors recommend their favourite book read recently and their favourite cookbook. After all, that’s what Word of Mouth TV is all about, sharing tips on books and authors. This episode, Kelly Rimmer shares her precious gems; and Kate and Sarah pull a few recommendations out of their back pocket as well.

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